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Liquid detergent cum emulsifier for laundry wash load.
Anti Klor
Acidic crystal for removing traces of chlorine in laundry wash load.
Powder detergent with builder to remove fats and oil found in aprons, industrial linens etc.
Avenger L
Clear yellowish liquid alkaline detergent and builder to remove fats and soil.
Booster 20
Specially formulated heavy duty detergent for removal of blood and stubborn stains.
C2 Clean
Alkaline liquid for easy removal of stains on collar and cuff.
Acidic rust remover eliminating yellow stains caused by the presence of rust.
Ferri Go
Liquid rust remover.
Safe laundry powder detergent for guest laundry etc.
Launtex L
Liquid Laundry Detergent.
Launtex Plus
Neutral Base Liquid Laundry Detergent with Perfume.
Safe oxygen bleach powder for easy washing without Anti Klor in rinses.
Ozonic L (bc)
Colorless liquid catalyzed oxygen bleach.
Soluble organic chlorine powder for easy removal of stubborn tomato ketchup and chilli stains.
One shot detergent powder for fabrics with blood, milk and food stains.
Heavy duty detergent for uniforms, jeans and cooks’ jackets.
Plus 2
Premium grade laundry powder with optical brightener.
Bacterial control in Fabric.
Safe alkaline organic free flowing bleach powder minimizing wear and loss of tensile strength.
Safeway L
Safe alkaline liquid chlorine bleach minimizing wear and loss of tensile strength.
Powder detergent for laundry use over a wide range of fabrics.
Search L
Alkaline detergent incorporated with selected surfactants for easy removal of stains on garments.
Powder souring agent to be used in conjunction to laundry wash load.
Sentry L (bc)
Liquid acidic souring agent for final rinse in laundry wash load.
Soflex F
Fragrance fabric softener for softening effect.
SPA Emulsifier
Specially developed to remove tough oily stains, essential oils from cotton and mixed polyester fabrics.
Tops F
General purpose laundry detergent powder for economical usage.