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70% IPA
Non Rinsing, liquid sanitizer.
Air Freshener RF 16
Triple action liquid air freshener to be sprayed with fine mist sprayer.
Air Freshener (aerosol)
Air freshener in aerosol can to be used in conjunction with automatic dispenser for "constant timed" spraying.
Alcohol base instant hand sanitizer for hands prior to handling of food.
Alcoquat EF
Non Alcohol base hand sanitizer with Halal certification.
Aloe Foam
Specially formulated Foam Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera Extract. With Aloe Vera Extract, it has the moisturizing formula and gentle on hands. Non-Alcohol and fast drying.
Bio Hand Care
Neutral Handsoap and biodegradable tested by TUV SUD PSB. Clean, Sanitize and rinses well. Moisturize hand and prevents from drying. Pleasant scent on hands after washing.
Bio S/S Cleaner
Biodegradable Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polisher.
Bio SaniFresh
Bio Degradable Fragrance disinfectant for mopping floor, toilet, etc.
Bio Degradable, Neutral, Mild Body and Hair Shampoo.
Eco Bowl Cleaner
Bio Degradable Toilet Bowl cleaner to remove urinal stain.
Foamless carpet shampoo.
Fabric Fresh
Fabric Refresher which emits a fresh scent on fabric materials such as fabric sofa, bed sheet, curtain and other fabric materials.
Furniture Care
Bio Degradable emulsion for polishing wood & furnitures.
Neutral base fine fragrance hand soap.
Hand Sanitizer
70% Alcohol base disinfecting gel for hands.
Dry carpet and upholstery shampoo.
Mircle Wipe
Biodegradable Surface Cleaner with Sanitizer. Easily remove dirt and stain on surface.
Pine disinfectant for toilet floor etc.
Sham 2
Body shampoo.
Silky Green
Neutral base fragrance multi-purpose detergent for cleaning basins, long bath, vanity top etc..
Bio Degradable Mirror and glass cleaner eliminating finger marks.